Couch to Catoctin

So in the last month or so I've found myself pretty hooked on cycling.

Set a goal to be able to hop on the W&OD trail and ride out to Catoctin Creek Distillery, which ends up being about 50 miles round trip with quite a bit of elevation (for Northern Virginia) on the way out. So far it's going well, just hit 30 miles yesterday so that was pretty cool.

Did the thing where I grabbed a cheap 'road' bike off Amazon and it's been working out pretty well so far. I've added a couple things that have helped a bit, so might talk about those things here if anyone is interested in getting into cycling on the most minimal budget possible.

Strava is pretty sweet too, love having too many numbers attached to each ride so I might be more into that than the actually riding.

Just kidding, the tranquility that comes with a 1+ hour ride is pretty addictive.

Written on June 2, 2019