Stocks, Bruh

So this has been an interesting year in the market to say the least.

I've gone from focusing on my Python teaching as my key side-business to getting ridiculously deep into the stock market.

SPY calls have paid for at least one bike that I've bought recently, but I don't like the stress involved with coming up with options strategies at the moment. My focus now is building the right portfolio for long positions, and getting that nice, steady, slow money.

Any time you can beat the S&P 500 is a good time, so my benchmark is pretty straightforward. We're in a super volatile era at the moment, and even more with elections coming up.

I've attempted some algorithmic trading in the last few months to some success, but I want to slow things down a bit and think more like a long-term dude minimizing transaction costs.

I will say I'm using Robinhood and all the issues that it entails, but I do love the ability to purchase fractional shares and a relatively straightforward API to automate strategies. What a horrible broker but can't compete with free programatic trades while testing strategies.

I'm going to post a couple things here in the next few months about how I'm doing this; not the strategy specifics, but the implementation of ideas. I think the hardest part is coming up with the strategy, but the implementation shouldn't take any time, especially with Python.

I've lost quite a bit of money by bad coding so hopefully readers can learn from the mistakes I've made.

Like for real. Nothing like riding in a car on the way to some town in Georgia and seeing losing trades occur while you're trying to SSH into an AWS instance on your phone to shut down a cron job that is bleeding money because the President of the United States couldn't stay off Twitter.

Disclaimer: I'm not a CFA. This is all entertainment. So let's have some fun.

Written on November 1, 2020